Spielberg’s job’s safe

Little did I expect when signing up for a cyber security masters degree that I’d be editing video at some point for an assignment submission, but low and behold I have. I want to assure the likes of Spielberg that their jobs remain safe, I’m neither director nor editor. Like many who might come across... Continue Reading →

Insurer Rip Off

We purchased our first home in mid-2008, just one month before the Global Financial Crisis would hit. Naturally, we wanted and needed to insure our property and contents; we were also required to do so at the moment we signed our home loan, so had little time to hunt for deals. Given little option, we... Continue Reading →

Smart comfort

I sat at work this morning performing business as usual tasks when suddenly I had a thought “Did you turn off the electric blanket before leaving home?” I had only just put my electric blanket back on my bed days earlier, so was concerned I’d forget to turn it off in the mad rush to... Continue Reading →

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