The long update

As a geek having the latest and greatest gadgets and tech is always top of mind. Ensuring your computers and devices are kept up to date with all their patches is part of the fun, especially if you’re a Windows user, I believe for them it comes in the form of a Neverending Story (or is that updates).

With my plethora of Apple devices, whenever Apple releases its bulk platform-wide updates it’s a case of hours spent updating multiple computers, Apple TV’s, and iOS devices. I am always a fan of their releases the oops update a few days later forcing us to rinse repeat.

The other day I finally got approval, after seven months, to update my work MacBook Pro to macOS Big Sur. It’s strange the difference in approach by IT to updating operating systems; one they have a solid understanding of and work within day to day, another they understand poorly and give less consideration to it would seem. I wonder will it always be this way, or will it one day change? Will Windows always dominate out one day fall out of favour?

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