The long update

As a geek having the latest and greatest gadgets and tech is always top of mind. Ensuring your computers and devices are kept up to date with all their patches is part of the fun, especially if you’re a Windows user, I believe for them it comes in the form of a Neverending Story (or... Continue Reading →

Where’s my keys? Again!

The Apple AirTag arrived today, my keys are doomed to never again be lost in pants pockets or a jacket somewhere. As a prelude to its arrival the keys were lost for a couple of minutes on Tuesday, a future reason for the Find My app to save me ages hunting. Testing the Find My... Continue Reading →

Oh, the money tree

I got up early this morning with the intent I'd work on Week 1 on my unit, rounding things out, well that was the plan. I needed to print some stuff out, however the Mac mini has never connected to the old Canon Pixma MP495, and it seems it never would. You see, Canon doesn't... Continue Reading →

MindMeister discovery

I’ve just commenced this week the second unit in my Masters degree in Cyber Security, this unit in Networking Technologies. Whilst networking isn’t a strength of mine already in finding familiarity and interest in the content. This time around I’m trying something different with hire I’m approaching note taking, using MindMeister’s mind maps and adding... Continue Reading →

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