iOS Shortcuts: Automating the alarm

I was sitting here on a long weekend when Jodie’s phone was sitting outside the bedroom the first of several alarms she needs to wake up blaring away. I wish I had her problem, I always seemingly manage beat alarms to their going off.

It was as the second alarm went off I thought, there has to be a way on iPhone to automate turning these off when public holidays hit, and there is using Shortcuts.

When I first started the automation process I had a single Shortcuts script that was just looking at public holidays, but then decided quickly to expand this after running a few days testing to also handle annual leave and look whether it was a weekend. So, now I utilise two scripts, the main handles annual leave checking and weekends, whilst a second handles a secondary check of a public holidays calendar and only turns the alarm off. Both scripts run each evening via a personal automation at sunset.

NOTE: multi-day events won’t work with this script as shortcuts Find All Calendar Events specifies start date which works on day one then falls over thereafter. To get around this, create single day events that repeat daily in your calendar.

Step 1: The Annual Leave / Weekends Shortcut

The Shortcut script I’ve built is using these steps:

In the above, Day 7 is Saturday and 1 Sunday

Step 2: Public Holidays

The public holiday script is simpler than the annual leave and weekends script as it will only be used to check Apple’s Australian Holidays calendar, however as Apple doesn’t provide the ability with this calendar to only limit to your own state, there’s a need to get specific if you don’t want alarms being turned off for public holidays in other states —- or do you?

Below is how I’ve gone about this:

Step 3: Automation

Next, over to the automation part of Shortcuts to have the our shortcut automatically run at sunset:

  • Create a Personal Automation
  • Select Time of Day
  • Select Sunset and Daily
  • Select Next
  • Select Add Action
  • Type in Shortcuts and select the Shortcuts icon
  • Select Run Shortcut
  • Click Shortcut to then select your shortcuts from the list. I’m running the Public holiday first then Annual Leave second.
  • Click Next
  • Toggle Ask before running so this runs silently and confirm in the dialog that appears
  • Click Done
The automation is set to run the shortcut silently at sunset each day

Hopefully, this means no more alarms going off on those days off when, let’s face it, you just want to sleep in.

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