Panic Stations

Never have I had a computer experience quite so many problems as I have this Mac mini, and I’ve used Windows PCs just so you know. Since I purchased the mini around 4-5 weeks ago it has experienced several kernel panics each week; I can literally count on one hand the number I’ve experienced over the time I’ve owned the MacBook Pro, and I’ve still got fingers left to count with!

Today alone I had two panics within a thirty minute period, enough for me to just give up and call Apple Support to get some assistance. Suggestions were pull back to the basics, disconnecting all external devices and monitor. Observe in Safe Mode. Create a new account and observe. And finally, consider a clean reinstall. I really didn’t have the luxury of sitting and observing, so last option it was.

The Mini is now clean installed and hooked up to my iCloud accounts and I’m downloading a different version of Kaspersky called Security Cloud. I think I’ll also swap away from VMWare to Parallels that I’ve used for years without problem on my MacBook Pro.

Hopefully all these changes will result in a stable, finally usable Mac mini. Otherwise, it’s heading to the Apple Store for a good looking over.

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