iOS Shortcuts: Automating the alarm

I was sitting here on a long weekend when Jodie’s phone was sitting outside the bedroom the first of several alarms she needs to wake up blaring away. I wish I had her problem, I always seemingly manage beat alarms to their going off. It was as the second alarm went off I thought, there... Continue Reading →

Tag. Where is it?

Are you like me and occasionally forget to take your keys out of your pants / jacket when your get home, hang them up or put them in the wash basket and the next day spend ten minutes trying to find where you left your keys. Thankfully, these such situations are infrequent, but do occur.... Continue Reading →

1Password: Frustrating difference

As a subscriber to 1Password, and prior to this having purchased their app, I find it frustrating the disparity between extensions on Safari and Google Chrome. On Safari, I am only asked to authenticate to access each time using either a password periodically, or after the initial login, Touch ID. On Google Chrome, which I... Continue Reading →

Boom. Bang!

These days it’s work, study, sleep, there’s not really much time left for anything else. I certainly hasn’t expected it to be quite so busy, most nights I’m up studying until 10pm, which is starting to take its toll, the past month I’ve had lasting headaches, even a migraine recently too. I recently went for... Continue Reading →

GIMPing it

It's as well my subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud was set to expire next month as I've truly had my fill of the suite in the past few months. It has always been a staple install on my computer, however with the release of Big Sur things really took a downward turn and Adobe was... Continue Reading →

Edge of Frustration

Recently I had been convinced to swap from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge, the latter apparently better at memory management on the Mac. It worked nicely, that was until I went to sync bookmarks between my various devices. On Sunday, I had decided to rework my bookmarks given I am now studying Cyber Security and... Continue Reading →

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