And the clock strikes ten

I last undertook studies back in the late 90’s when completing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science, since then just doing the odd micro course, but nothing truly formal of such magnitude. I’d never truly known what I wanted to do after graduating, which direction to take now I was working in web, for I knew... Continue Reading →

1Password’s 2FA needs work

I’ve used 1password on my iPhone, MacBook Pro and iPad Pro for years now, and generally it is a good password manager. I noticed last week that two-factor authentication was available and decided to enable for that added protection on my passwords. What a mistake that ended up being. The process of adding was simple... Continue Reading →

Time Machine Nirvana

It has only taken me forever to find my Time Machine nirvana, but today I finally seem to have found how to make Time Machine race like a cheetah. Typically, when drives are formatted they're it is as Mac OS Extended (Journaled), however when you use this on more recent releases of macOS which support... Continue Reading →


To say the past six months has been interesting is understating things. Becoming lactose intolerant, and with time more sensitive to foods I was consuming, was quite a learning curve. With the help of a dietitian in mid-December I finally managed to overcome an important hurdle, sadly though it was too late by then as... Continue Reading →

Hi-Fibre, Zero Taste

From today I’m on a special diet till Thursday in prep for a medical procedure. They’ve specified foods I must not eat beforehand, and some I am approved to eat, which includes white bread. Typically I buy a dark German Rye bread from my local supermarket, it has this malty flavour to it, especially on... Continue Reading →

Perplexed by cost

I am finally about to kick off the first unit in my Masters degree in Cyber Security, as result I needed to get an additional machine for virtualising operating systems, especially given my MacBook Pro just didn’t have sufficient space. It made good sense to look towards a Mac Mini, it could attach to existing... Continue Reading →

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