Oh why’d I go there?

I stayed behind a little extra at work today to complete some training on Epigeum as things were quiet finally. I left work maybe fifteen minutes later than normal, but chuffed I’d achieved another 100% for one of my attempted modules. I decided on my way home I’d head by the IGA I liked in... Continue Reading →

Old is new

At work I'd been using a leased Dell laptop since 2017, running Windows 10 with a touch screen it hadn't been too bad a machine for a non-Mac, but with time it began to suffer that usual Windows performance degradation issue associated with patching and general use. When I one-time owned PCs I'd get around... Continue Reading →

Just Beats

Unlike past Christmases I didn’t particularly treat myself, perhaps it was events of 2020, mood, or a lack of offerings, who really knows. It wasn’t until early 2021 that I actually started to find what I wanted, well two things rather. The first everyone knows I’m very partial to, aftershave. I was in Myer Joondalup... Continue Reading →

2021: Hold my beer

2020 was perhaps one of the worst we’ve experienced in a long time. For many it has led to unemployment, loss of businesses, potentially breakdown of relationships as stresses impacted, loss of assets, loss of family and friends due to COVID-19, and ongoing uncertainty. We continue to wonder when it may end, though we do... Continue Reading →


What did I eat? Two days ago now I suddenly started looking like that Maccas version of Michelangelo’s statue of David, my stomach now distended due to effects of dairy intolerance. Dairy in something I ate and my stomach is like this guy’s, large and hard as marble Years ago friend had issues where she... Continue Reading →

A Diverse World

Last year (seems strange saying that already!) I watched The Long Way Up on Apple TV+ in which Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman travelled from the bottom of South America on electric motorcycles to Los Angels. It was a great series, featuring not only amazing vistas but also giving you an insight into various cultures... Continue Reading →

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