iPhone Lock Screen: A Tweak Please

Apple, we need to talk. Typically, you’re the master of invention, or come later to the party and just do things better. However, your lock screen, it just needs some work. Case in point, the force touch buttons used to access the flash or camera. Whilst these buttons may be useful, they’re actually poorly designed... Continue Reading →

Like a deer in the headlights

As I sat in a meeting this afternoon and explained the process for styling a web page table within our WebCMS there wasn’t yet an understanding I was explaining for their benefit. Then came the question was I going to do this for them to which their supervisor explained they’d be required to do this.... Continue Reading →

A feeling of going in blind

Last month I got an invite to join the pilot of an app used to manage meetings in connection with Teams. As a committee secretary, I’ll send out requests for items to agendas and occasionally get things back, though often silence is deafening. This app, I create the bones of the agenda, assign those who... Continue Reading →

Perplexed by password managers?

I first adopted 1Password as a password manager around 7 years ago, then a one-off purchase whereas now offered via the subscription model. At work, a friend and Professor of Cyber Security introduced me to LastPass, I adopted it back in 2015 and our workplace deployed the enterprise edition to all staff in late-2018. Whilst... Continue Reading →


Well played, Disney. I had held off subscribing to your streaming service till now as I just didn’t feel the need for another. Then, you refuse to release the live action remake of Mulan to cinemas, instead it is only now coming to Disney+ with a Premier Access pass. So, was it worth it. Definitely!... Continue Reading →

COVID & WFH: Will this drive change?

In Australia, working from home is a relatively new concept within the workplace. It’d be fair to say employers view the concept likely view the concept of their employees working from home with a measure of distrust, concerned they might not undertake their duties as fully as if at work. Then came COVID, and suddenly... Continue Reading →

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