Perplexed by password managers?

I first adopted 1Password as a password manager around 7 years ago, then a one-off purchase whereas now offered via the subscription model. At work, a friend and Professor of Cyber Security introduced me to LastPass, I adopted it back in 2015 and our workplace deployed the enterprise edition to all staff in late-2018.

Whilst deployed to all staff at that point so many staff to-date are yet to utilise it as they just don’t understand how to use a password manager, or why they really should. I feel adoption within organisations really requires champions within each department, rather than solely relying upon the IT department to ensure its success. Champions are someone who can sit with staff and guide them through use, get them comfortable and encourage regular use. Further, they can provide demonstrations in team meetings so all can ask questions.

I’ll never forget one day when I opened my desk drawer at work, pulled up a section only to reveal a tiny notepad. Curious as to its contents I browsed its pages. To my horror it contained passwords to my predecessor’s HR account, systems and various other items.

Easy to use resources for home users are also needed, these need to assume little to no computing knowledge so when users go to use these password managers there’s a greater chance of adoption and use.

An added benefit for users too is these tools often alerting them when their passwords may have been compromised and requiring change, most users may be unaware otherwise.

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