Mind the fog

Ever awoken from a night's sleep only to realise you could do with a night's sleep? I certainly have, and on many occasions. Poor quality sleep has impacted upon me for almost 30 years now. When first I consulted a GP about sleep issues as a student he had me try certain diet-related changes to... Continue Reading →

App Clips: First exposure

Surfing Twitter this morning I saw a tweet from Mac Rumours about a game Phoenix 2 that was leveraging iOS 14’s new App Clips feature to give users a preview of their game. I’ve been curious to see how App Clips worked so headed over to the Phoenix 2 website to experience first-hand. Upon visiting... Continue Reading →

Cradle my phone

At the start of the September, legislation came into effect in my state making it an offence to interact with your mobile phone, except to answer a phone call off in a mobile phone cradle. I almost never call anyone, and with my car having inbuilt controls to answer and make calls there’s no great... Continue Reading →

Shortcuts got cooler

How did I miss the news that Shortcuts got beefed up? I decided to fire up my favourite little iOS tool (and still hoping Apple ports to macOS ASAP!), and before my now wide blue eyes was something entirely new, Automation. Say what? This geek just died and went to heaven. Not only does Apple... Continue Reading →

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