Create. Stop. CMS says NO!

This week in our office meeting one team decided to drop a bomb on me, in a committee meeting they announced content for a major section of a website would be live on September 1 before having first checked with me on that timing; I’m only responsible for delivering after all. I’d previously built one... Continue Reading →


I took a drive this morning, mainly to get out of the house and just see where my wheels might take me. As I drive heading towards the Perth hills I turned towards Kalamunda and thought of a hills location my mother used to take us as children to purchase fruit, Karragullen. After we’d arrived... Continue Reading →

Planning to the nth

Having determined I might study a Masters of Cyber Security I set to task the evening to determine whether I might be able to undertake this study as planned, taking several days long service leave each week to dedicate to study. My plan initially has been that I might have Thursdays and Fridays over the... Continue Reading →

This way, reverse a bit, then forward

Having worked at my employer for twenty-two years I’ve accrued a pretty decent long service leave balance, to the point it has come to the point of their saying huh-hmm start using it please. Sadly, as that request came so did the world fall prey to COVID-19 and travel looking like becoming a non-event for... Continue Reading →

Slippery When Wet

It's the final month of Winter here in Perth, Western Australia and the weather this weekend is cold and we're just about to get an entire month's worth of rain over the coming few days. This morning I headed to the local shops for a few items before deciding to do the emergency coffee run... Continue Reading →

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