Just scream

I had just completed my order of banana bread and skinny latte at McDonald’s this morning and was setting off for the payment window when another car came screaming through. What the heck! There was no way they could have ordered that quickly, for if they had I’d like to know what so they were... Continue Reading →

Call to see the doc

I’m thinking for many of us that 2020 is looking like being a less than stellar year. For some it has led to fear and uncertainty about their employment, or perhaps a business they own and those they employ within. For others, COVID-19 has been a diagnosis directly impacting upon their health, or worse still,... Continue Reading →

iPadOS 14 beta testing

Just finished installing iPadOS 14 public beta on my iPad Pro, and I'm just testing writing this article using the scribble feature and the wordpress app. Scribble works nicely and is quite responsive, however it does take some getting used to. Firstly, it must get used to my handwriting, then it occasionally makes a mistake... Continue Reading →

iOS 14 Public Beta

Apple has today released three public beta of iOS 14 beta 2. I had powered up my spare iPhone, an iPhone X I hadn’t on sold, unusual for me. I have to say my initial impressions of this first public beta is positive. Widgets, whilst consuming space on our Home Screen, can be useful. As... Continue Reading →

Travel out of sync

In 2017, I headed off to France for a Trafalgar tour of northern France, and a few side trips to places like Bruges and Monet’s Gardens. I captured most of the trip on my DSLR but also many shots on my iPhone X, often using Lightroom. What I wasn’t aware of at the time was... Continue Reading →

Pondering Apple

I lay here early on Saturday morning, a chilly morning persuading me to delay the mornings long walk, and am thinking back to Apple’s announcement it’s migrating to ARM-based computers over the next few years; a funny thing to do given it’s only 3am I know. Have they shot themselves in the foot by announcing... Continue Reading →

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