macOS Big Sur

Finally, after 19 years, macOS (X) grows up and will move from version 10.x to version 11.0. I do wonder why Apple took quite so long to graduate their operating system when so much has happened since its original release.

Big Sur certainly goes further towards blurring the lines between iOS/iPadOS and macOS. This release with its larger toolbar areas and sidebars really has me wondering at Apple’s motives, are they planning new hardware that requires these changes? Touch and/or stylus input? I know they’ve denied this for macOS in the past but the size of things just seems big for mouse and trackpad-only devices.


I’m not downloading this pre its release as I cannot afford to risk my Mac being out of action, however I have hopes for change in Big Sur. These being:

  • Time Machine – I hope that Apple finally addresses this rotten lemon in the cart. I have lost count the number of times I’ve sat there waiting for backups to complete that weren’t that big yet take six plus hours to complete, utterly unbelievable. Time to fix or retire it.
  • Spelling – am I the only one who gets annoyed when Apple seems to leave out everyday words in their operating systems. If you plan to check people’s spelling you should offer complete dictionaries not sanitised ones that lack words you find conflict with Apple’s values. I don’t object to swear words being left out, but day-to-day words are missing and seem to disappear between releases too.
  • Shortcuts app – please port this from iOS, it’s definitely superior to the aged Automator app
  • Finder (column view) – I guess probably too late now, however I would love to see the column view become adaptive. For me this view is a great way to navigate the macOS file system, however the columns are frankly just too narrow. Can’t they look as the average length of file names in the folder, if there are long file names then either make the column wider or, wider and the names are also wrapped.
  • Finder (tag background) – this is more a case of restoring functionality we lost years ago when Apple added tags and all we got was a tiny coloured circle. I struggle to see quickly the circles on my desktop or in the finder window, I would love to keep the tags but have full name background functionality restored, best of both worlds

I look forward to seeing peoples videos as they explore Big Sur over time, especially should they explore any issues I’ve covered.

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