Mildly asthmatic

For years doctors have queries whether I was asthmatic, though none had ever tested to see. In late 2018, my left lung collapsed after sustained virus attacks over two months; not my favourite experience, and one I still have effects of.

Following the lung’s collapse I had testing to determine asthma, however then it was ruled out, they determined capacity to be at the lower range of normal. I continued to rely upon Ventolin inhalers whenever I suffered colds, and regularly now require drugs to deal with phlegm I cannot clear.

Again this came up at the doctor’s appointment today, when discussing my reliance periodically upon Ventolin she determined I should go on to an asthma preventer/inhaler as it was likely I did have a mild form of. Taking my first dosage this morning it was obvious the difference it might make, I could sense my airways feeling more open than normal. I wonder with further usage as prescribed how I’ll feel?

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