macOS Big Sur

Finally, after 19 years, macOS (X) grows up and will move from version 10.x to version 11.0. I do wonder why Apple took quite so long to graduate their operating system when so much has happened since its original release. Big Sur certainly goes further towards blurring the lines between iOS/iPadOS and macOS. This release... Continue Reading →

WWDC 2020

For several years now there’s been rumours Apple might move its computers to ARM chips of its own design, moving away from Intel, at WWDC 2020 it actually announced a two year migration strategy to do so. I didn’t own a Mac at the time they migrated from PowerPC to Intel processors, though I was... Continue Reading →

No, the other left

I was heading into the city for a dinner party this evening, a location I rarely venture to if I can avoid it. To get to my friend’s place isn’t the easiest when exiting the freeway, the turns are just confusing and frankly I just f@$k it up every time. Wanting to get it right... Continue Reading →

Mildly asthmatic

For years doctors have queries whether I was asthmatic, though none had ever tested to see. In late 2018, my left lung collapsed after sustained virus attacks over two months; not my favourite experience, and one I still have effects of. Following the lung’s collapse I had testing to determine asthma, however then it was... Continue Reading →

iOS update brings watch issues

A recent update to both iOS for my iPhone 11 Pro and Apple Watch 5 has had unintended consequences. Now, I am regularly getting the red Phone symbol atop my watch screen indicating my Apple Watch is unable to communicate with my iPhone. The only solution I’ve found to date has been to restart the... Continue Reading →

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