When do I LSL?

I’ve worked for the same organisation now just over twenty-two years, where has that time gone? In that time my long service leave has just banked up, I just never took any, never really knew what I wanted to do with it. Suddenly I had almost 25 weeks when work announced they needed to recalculate things, it’d take a few months, and I’d get more. That came through just two weeks ago and I got reassessed to 34 weeks (including pro-rata). Wow!

With that news work now required me to come up with a plan to reduce my non-pro-rata balance to 6 weeks. Ordinarily it wouldn’t be so difficult, however planning nowadays comes with complexities of when will COVID-19 dwindle down and international travel again be safe? I had hoped to travel to Canada again next year, however with recent outbreaks again in Wuhan, South Korea and other locations I figure wait awhile and perhaps 2022.

Plus, gives longer to save. Right?

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