Outlook parity on Mac?

My poor work PC, it’s around three years old now and really showing it’s age. Connect a 4K monitor plus 24 inch to it and it’s struggling mightily; excel is grinding to a halt, second monitor can’t display in full colour and working on it is painful.

Enter my MacBook Pro. It’s older, late-2015 model, and handles both monitors in full colour and without any noticeable speed hit, it’s just a pure joy. That’s not to say I’ve gone without negatives in using the platform, sadly.

On the PC, Outlook is certainly the richer experience compared to Mac. For some reason Microsoft continues to hold back in giving Mac users the same experience. How so? In the Windows version I can have a tasks pane located on the right-hand side of the Outlook screen, essentially a fourth column. As a very visual user this is for me very useful in providing me reminders of what I need to do, this isn’t available on Mac, why Microsoft?

Another feature missing is quick tasks, essentially macro buttons where you can program something to occur when clicked ie move an email to a folder and mark as read. These are such time savers for me when cleaning up my inbox, no need to scroll the inbox to find the folder, just click the action task.

When will Microsoft bring parity for Mac users rather than have a gap between platforms as it always does? It’s done a good job on Word and Excel, do we expect Outlook might follow?

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