Defending Jacob

Just finished watching Chris Evans’ Defending Jacob on Apple TV, certainly one of the best offerings available on the service. It revolves around the murder of a high school student which comes to be blamed upon the son of Evans’ character, who does everything to not help himself throughout the eight episode season. The first... Continue Reading →

Weather gods laugh at me

Without fail, every time it seems I book leave the weather turns and my plans to exercise are turned upon their head. I have this Thursday and Friday booked off and was looking forward to a few days of long walks following some particularly heavy rain having kept me indoors. So, I thought it worth... Continue Reading →

Where’d the time go?

I knew it had been more than a few weeks since I’d started working from home, but when I asked the Google gods how long it was since March 23 I was not prepared for 9 weeks. Wow! Where did that time go? I know since working from home slowly but surely I have noticed... Continue Reading →

Online shopping fun

Courtesy of our mate COVID-19, I’ve been doing a fair bit of online shopping the past few months. It’s effects have impacted parcel deliveries here in Western Australia, with average delivery times now three weeks from the east coast of Australia. Survivable of course, though annoying for the impatient among us 🙋‍♂️, it gets all... Continue Reading →

Welcoming return from hibernation

Today, some businesses in Western Australia returned post-COVID-19 to open their doors, even if only in a limited capacity as some restrictions do still apply. One venue, Dôme café, I and many others have eagerly awaited its return as our home coffee machines just aren’t the same. It’s great bit by bit seeing more and... Continue Reading →

When do I LSL?

I’ve worked for the same organisation now just over twenty-two years, where has that time gone? In that time my long service leave has just banked up, I just never took any, never really knew what I wanted to do with it. Suddenly I had almost 25 weeks when work announced they needed to recalculate... Continue Reading →

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