Training in touch

This morning, first day of my staycation, I joined a colleague in one of the schools I support after hours in a three hour training session to learn how we use BrightAuthor. Both Jenni and I will be supporting a range of touch screens that have gone into a new building on campus, though we... Continue Reading →

Difficulty level: Please be kind!

I’m not kidding, I chose easy. This morning i re-initialised my PlayStation 4 after having forgotten the account password and the former email account now gone I was left with now option. Several hours later, a cleaned console I downloaded what I thought was a game from PlayStation network, my first time ever doing so... Continue Reading →


So it begins, I’ve begun my pre-Easter holidays, however my vacation is now to be a staycation courtesy of COVID-19. I’ve just wrapped up my second week working from home, and this week the rest of the office joined me along with a majority of the university I work for; only essential face-to-face roles or... Continue Reading →

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