Just hope it survives

At work to celebrate the organisation’s turning 25 years in 2017 they gave each staff member a succulent. I think it was intended to represent something designed to last, unfortunately they hadn’t known my ability to kill all think plant kingdom and it was dead three months later; I was apparently over watering it.

At least I hadn’t forgotten about it, and was remembering to give it water, I just had no idea you didn’t need to water them every week; stupid plant.

With my now working from home I decided some greenery, as we have at work, might be nice, but I wanted something potentially useful too. So, I headed to our local hardware/gardening megastore Bunnings to get mint, I’d start with herbs. I love the smell of mint and can always pick it for tea or including in a stir fry.

I was actually quite surprised by the variety of mint available for purchase, as soon as I saw one with chocolate in the title it was in the trolley. I also got one called Apple mint and another I forget off hand; the Apple has gone into the pot that I’m keeping on my desk and will occasionally be adjacent my Apple MacBook Pro.

It was strange that in-store I couldn’t smell a thing, yet once home the smells were noticeable, thankfully. Maybe if I can keep both pots of mint alive I can again try with the chilli 🌶 plant Jodie bought and a dog killed years ago now.

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