Our grandparents might advise us

With the spread of Coronavirus outside of China we started seeing the first vestiges of peoples panic buying; initially toilet paper, rice, pasta and pasta sauce. As weeks went on, and numbers in Australia rose into several hundred rabid shopping spread to include cereals, breads, all meats (except plant-based alternatives which clearly no one wants) and a variety of other core pantry items.

Supermarkets started offering special shopping hours for the elderly and special needs this week, hoping to give them access to products that were often flying off shelves before they could get there. It’s wonderful to see Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and IGA working to ensure these groups aren’t denied access to essentials.

A friend reminded us earlier tonight on Facebook of rationing during World War II and the ration books. If you tried to cheat your reasoning in the UK there was a fine of £150, which my friend equates to over £9,000 in today’s money. She asked whether we needed a return to reasoning to ensure everyone got access to what they needed? I actually do wonder if this idiocy continues whether it might just be imposed. A pseudo form of one, two or four pack of toilet rolls has been attempted by supermarkets yet supply is still non-existent.

How might a rationing system be implemented in the crazy twenties? In a world with:

  • Allergies
  • Vegetarians, Vegans, Pescatarians and many others
  • Religious considerations
  • Etc

Would we go digital? Or old world and rely upon books? If digital, it could be tied into online shopping or our frequent shopper cards perhaps and limits enforced.

I guess we’ll wait and see whether the country heads down this route or it finally settles down (our starts to run out of space).

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