Over correcting my posture

I enjoy walking distance, though have found in recent times my posture has been causing me issues. I was finding around halfway into my walk I would start to experience discomfort in my upper back, and try as I might stretches to try and alleviate just didn’t work.

I was still receiving physiotherapy following reoccurrence of my back injury in late October. Speaking with my physiotherapist it was agreed I should look at a brace to help correct my posture. I wore the brace several times until recently when I started to experience pain in my right shoulder blade. In the past five days the pain has continued and now when I try looking right I get discomfort.

Thankfully, I have my next appointment with him on Friday as I really want relief from this, is affecting my sleep. Hoping I’ve only over tightened those straps and it’s just a matter of time for the muscles to repair, not too long I hope.

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