The Invisible Man (2020)

A friend and I took in the a late opening night screening of Elisabeth Moss’ remake of The Invisible Man. Prior to our deciding I checked out Rotten Tomatoes for a rating, I was quite assured I was going to see something good when the cynics, sorry I mean critics leave it a 90%+ rating.... Continue Reading →

Just a gram of energy

This past weekend was an interesting one, not for what I did but rather because I lacked the energy to do much of anything. It’s not the only weekend I’ve been robbed of energy, though it was worse than others. I’d gone shopping to Kmart, friends don’t die of shock, getting an iron and board... Continue Reading →

OnChange: Please, re-authenticate

Like most organisations, my one has implemented tighter security practices with regards passwords in recent years to ensure its users aren't: using poor passwords (e.g. 12345)are changing their passwords with regularitypasswords are moderately secure (e.g. mix of alpha, numeric and symbols) Last year LastPass was mandated across the organisation, with the license allowing us to... Continue Reading →

Edge Browser firming a favourite

Having casually used the Edge browser over the past week across my various Apple devices I am really coming to like it. Over the weekend I set up syncing, though only for my bookmarks as I prefer to store passwords within 1Password, which it happily interfaces with, though the key combination in macOS is slightly... Continue Reading →

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