Enhancing my woo

I’ve been working the past few days on some woocommerce enhancements for friends’ website as they get ready to launch the next phase.

They’d contacted me with very specific requirements for the products we would be adding this time, principally because information needs to also go to their partner organisation with each sale, but only certain information. I have to admit as a relatively new wool user I’m still finding my feet, so I can’t just say with certainty when asked whether it’s possible, but given WordPress is extensible you’re generally likely to find someone else who’s faced and possibly solved the issue, for a fee.

I ended up needing three paid plug-ins to achieve all they were after, and when I came to preparing the order form I tripped over the need for another plug-in, though was lucky enough to discover a freebie could do all I needed. The first plug-in required was the ability to require another product if one were ordered, Woocommerce Force Sells worked a dream here. If the linked product is already in the cart it won’t be added, however if not the case both products will be added. If you delete the linked product having dependency gets removed from the cart also.

The second plug-in is Woocommerce Discount Rules, this allowed me to specify order quantity discount for one of the products. This has a Pro version which for the moment I’ve not purchased as the basic free version seems to offer what we’re needing for now, the only thing we’re not overly fussed and might’ve paid for the Pro version to attain is better formatting of the discounts table, this is rather average.

The third plug-in was Advanced notifications, this allowed us functionality to notify the partner of purchases without telling them anything about amounts paid, checkboxes allow turning these details on or off. This plug-in works based upon specifying a category to provide notifications for, and which part of the order process e.g. purchased. Once a notification rule is specified you then have to return to your product and assign the notification to that product before it will work. In my testing earlier this worked nicely, the only change I wouldn’t mind is the ability to provide a template should I wish different templates for different product categories.

Our only negative in treating this weekend was the test credit card numbers provided on the STRIPE website. I tested using US and international numbers but they failed. I’ve a feeling there must be a setting writing the STRIPE account I don’t have access to, ended up having to create a $1 test product in the end and refunding the cost once it worked, then hope like heck the bank doesn’t treat the charge as fraudulent.

Almost ready to go!

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