Make it so, number one

Around the lunch table at work you’d be hard pressed to not find a Trekkie amongst us, thus once Star Trek: Picard was announced discussion ensued. We were all excited for a new series, and each successive trailer only added to our excitement.

Yesterday, the first episode launched on Amazon. Now, I must admit I was disappointed a little, not by the content but because Netflix has spoilt me with the all you can eat season at one model; Picard is being spoon feed weekly to audiences.

The first episode has Picard post-Starfleet and in retirement living at his vineyard in France. He’s in and out of dreams throughout the episode, reminiscing of times past with commander Data, key I think to this season.

A good start to the season, though I think the French may find Picard’s execution of their language a touch painful, a bit obvious not a native lol.

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