Stepping up: muscles say “hi”

My 12WBT exercises amped up slightly last week, having to jog a little longer than I did the week before. For someone not attuned to jogging whatsoever it has been an effort doing so, though I have managed to maintain that required of me thus far.

Last weekend I headed off to Kmart and purchased a step, or platform, I forget what you might call it, as this was to be used in upcoming Super Saturday sessions and potentially other home based sessions were I to not do outdoor exercises. At $20 I was quite happy with the cost, I had expected these to be much more costly, though Kmart are known for being more budget oriented pricing aren’t they.

Yesterday I did an at home super Saturday as opposed to going to the gym, I knew I was struggling with my energy levels and needed breaks between activities. As it turned out I only took one break in the end and managed most of the session, one portion my back became too sore to proceed so I skipped to rest it. The step activity was first up with five minutes off on and off, and later several times jumping up which was interesting. Today, I can feel muscles in my ass, every last fibre to be exact, so I guess it must be working, right?

I’ve yet to look at this weeks exercises, dare I?

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