Browsing on the Edge

The last time Microsoft released a web browser on the Mac platform was in 2003, that was Internet Explorer 5.2.3. Back then the MacOS X interface was still plagued with a very bubble gum look, and Internet Explorer still ruled the roost on Windows, competitors Firefox and Google Chrome were still yet to hit the... Continue Reading →

Enhancing my woo

I’ve been working the past few days on some woocommerce enhancements for friends’ website as they get ready to launch the next phase. They’d contacted me with very specific requirements for the products we would be adding this time, principally because information needs to also go to their partner organisation with each sale, but only... Continue Reading →

Make it so, number one

Around the lunch table at work you’d be hard pressed to not find a Trekkie amongst us, thus once Star Trek: Picard was announced discussion ensued. We were all excited for a new series, and each successive trailer only added to our excitement. Yesterday, the first episode launched on Amazon. Now, I must admit I... Continue Reading →

Green smoothie, yum

I’ve always wanted to try a green smoothie, however there’s not terribly many venues that serve these where I live, though hot chips and pizza you’ll find plenty. Recently I discovered the Health Freak Cafe in my favourite shopping centre, I’d pretty much ignored them as most dishes hadn’t appealed to me, but my increased... Continue Reading →

Stepping up: muscles say “hi”

My 12WBT exercises amped up slightly last week, having to jog a little longer than I did the week before. For someone not attuned to jogging whatsoever it has been an effort doing so, though I have managed to maintain that required of me thus far. Last weekend I headed off to Kmart and purchased... Continue Reading →

iPhone weirdness

In the past my iPhone has always had the odd issue when connecting to my Mazda CX-5 via Bluetooth, however it was always temporary and a restart or reconnection with the car resolved and streaming resumed. Since more recent releases of iOS 13 were installed my iPhone will play one day, experience an issue the... Continue Reading →

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