Podcasts app awry

After returning from Bali, where I’d just relaxed and my exercise had been getting out of bed, walking to Starbucks and requesting one of the varieties of Frappuccino, sitting and reading my book a bit, then walking the half kilometre back to my room again; it was a lazy ass holiday. My return to Perth saw a return to hot, hot weather. Indeed, as I flew over Perth at night those on the flight remarked as we saw the red embers of Perth bushfires lighting up the night sky.

Yesterday was finally the perfect day to end my laziness and head out for a good, long walk. It had been a while, what with my back having thrown in the towel back in the latter half of October, I’ve been receiving physiotherapy ever since, I’d almost forgotten what it was like to walk some distance. Thus, I threw own my Under Armor ‘Reindeer’ hoodie, shorts, sneakers, my cap and Beats Solo3 headphones and hit the pavement, listening to the latest Markus Schulz Global Dj Broadcast podcast via the Podcast app on my iPhone.

I was about 75 minutes into my walk, bitching and moaning about the damned flies that were hustling me endlessly, a summer staple here in Perth, when suddenly my podcast stopped playing. Curious, I whipped out the iPhone to hit play only to notice that the Global Dj Broadcast was no longer there, somehow my subscription to Markus Schulz had been replaced entirely with some Spanish podcast called La Butaca. WTAF! I have no idea who that is, why it was now in-place of my podcast of choice, that I was just listening to.

As I was still about 3 kilometres from home at that point, I swapped over to the Techno radio on Music for the remainder of my journey home before contacting Apple about what had occurred. What is weird though, La Butaca is only showing on my iOS devices and not on macOS version of Podcasts app. When Apple replied this morning, they’d advised using my computer to go via iTunes (umm, doesn’t exist, but thanks for that advice!), right-clicking on the offending podcast and requesting support. I wonder what do you do were you an iOS-only user? I’ve friends like this without a Mac or PC. Still, doesn’t explain the discrepancy between devices and why my iPhone/iPad Pro are showing different podcast subscriptions and replaced subscriptions.

I’ve deleted the errant replaced subscription with Markus Schulz once more, hopefully he sticks and this other rubbish doesn’t overwrite again. Yet another reason to dislike iOS 13 I’m thinking.

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