Is iOS 13 Apple’s autocorrect fail?

In the past, you typed something wrong in a message you might just pass it off as an autocorrect fail. Sometimes this was indeed the case, with iPhone changing what you’d typed to what I thought you were intending to type; queue our frustration and the inevitable *correct word.

With the release of iOS 13 we’ve seen frustrations rise as basic words just don’t appear to be recognised, even now as Apple releases v13.3. Earlier today I was making a post-Bali post on Twitter about my return to Perth and how my hayfever had flared up upon return, hayfever was not recognised by iPhone as a word, underlining it and wanting to replace it with alternates.

Since release there has been problems with Safari too, intermittently the browser will stop surfing web pages, yet open Google Chrome and the pages will load without fail. iOS 13 is certainly shaping as being one of Apple’s most bug-ridden releases that hasn’t really been worthy of install. I wish they’d slow down their release schedule and instead focus more on quality not annual cycles.

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