Jetstar cancels

You’ve got to feel for the poor pilots who are having to strike as their salary of around $300,000 is such a struggle. That strike is affecting my return home, which was today cancelled by Jetstar.

The hell

I knew this nightmare situation was a distinct possibility as it was on the news AFTER I had booked my holiday, however I thought given my flight home was prior to the planned strike times for international pilots this meant I was okay. Then, as I was out shopping at perhaps the most dull shopping centre I’ve been to, notifications came through my flight home was no longer.

I will credit Jetstar with sending a comprehensive email to support me through the next steps, however when I clicked through the link did nothing, possibly as I’d booked a holiday package and not just a flight. Here began my hell.

I tried to call their 1300 support line, however I was immediately cut off each time I’d call through; I suspect perhaps my Vodafone package doesn’t allow these numbers unless specifically enabled, though would need to investigate. This avenue locked to me I attempted their internet chat, got through to someone who wanted immediate response, no time to type here 😆. After explaining and her checking, she looks me up and informs me add I’d booked a package holiday with them she couldn’t help and I had to call the 1300 number, I’d come full circle.

Skype you are my only hope

I decided given Vodafone and Jetstar we’re failing me I’d install Skype and see how I went. Credits paid for I dialed the 1300 support number and success, the call held.

That was where the good news ended. After investigating all the options and alternate routes home, it looked like I may be staying in Bali until at least the 18th, an extra 4 days; Qantas caused a similar delay in my return home due to strike action in 2011, am setting a pattern here.

One final option available to me was to return on the 13th, a day early, losing one night. Not what I wanted, it meant adjusting spa bookings as result, but I get home. I likely get refunded for the lost night, I’d damned well better.

In future I’ll fly with a better airline, this one has too poor a reputation for cancelling on people, as now it has done me.

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