The rebuild begins

Nervously tonight I bit the bullet and told macOS to erase all content and settings, take me back to factory settings. A minor hiccup came in the form of Find My not having updated to the alternate email address, so I had to first sign it of iCloud before macOS would start the process. I... Continue Reading →

Do I? Don’t I?

I keep apps installed on my devices updated regularly, so was recently trying to check whether Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro had an update, it has been a while since their last update, which was rather unusual. Selecting Check for Updates from the menu I’d expectation dialog showing me it doing so, with notification a... Continue Reading →

Nordic Noir

With the break between courses I have binge watched shows on various services like never before, including more recently our SBS On Demand, a free service here in Australia featuring many foreign language offerings. A friend at work told me if several Nordic noir programs she and her husband had enjoyed, including Beforeigners and The... Continue Reading →

Java coding

Next week I get early access to the first unit in my software engineering postgrad studies, Java programming. It’s the first time I’ve done formal studies in the language though I have actually done some development in the language in 1999-2000. It’s only six weeks formal study so there’s only so much you can be... Continue Reading →

Movie etiquette

For the first time in ages I went to see a movie in a more popular time slot, and regretted doing so. Typically I would go during my Friday afternoons off, when people are still at work and few choose to watch a movie, otherwise early on Saturday mornings also seem quieter too. Today, Sunday,... Continue Reading →

iOS 16

It looks like Apple has finally listened to its users with features announced for iOS 16 due later this year. I’m particularly excited by changes announced to the Lock Screen and potential to finally be able change the two buttons for flash and camera, though do love the dimensionality of photos appearing in front of... Continue Reading →

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